Monday, May 18, 2009

Updates – Impact, PBE, and RSC

A quick post with some updates on a few topics. Returned from Impact about a week ago, conference went very well. Attended some very good sessions (favorite was a session on Cloud), had some time to reconnect with some friends and past acquaintances, met some new folks, and had a chance to connect with some folks that I’d only previously met over the phone.

My reward upon returning from the conference was a deadline for the PBE book that I’ve been writing. Draft of the manuscript was due on Friday – and we managed to hit the date (although it was a long day). The rough draft of the manuscript is now with the publisher and should be sent out to our review panel shortly. Anxious to hear the feedback and comments from the reviewers. In the meantime, we have some supporting artifacts (case study model, codes, patterns) and the PBE practice that need further development. So won’t be sitting about waiting on feedback – too much to do.

We will be delivering a session at the upcoming Rational Software Conference that will provide a sneak peek on content from the book. If you are attending the conference, I hope to see you at the session – and please ask questions and let us know what you think of the material. I’ll be posting the ppt from the conference here after it has been delivered.

I’m also organizing a delivery of a SOA Architect Summit at the Rational conference. We’ll be delivering the session all day on Sunday, May 31st. I’ve arranged for a great roster of speakers – and am looking forward to the delivery and networking. Should be a great educational day – and will be the first delivery with updated materials. If you’ve already registered for the conference, there is no additional charge for the summit, it is being sponsored by the WebSphere team. A note has been sent out to conference attendees with details on how to sign up – if you run into any issues, please let me know.


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