Monday, June 14, 2010

Upcoming pureXML Bootcamps and some related resources

We have a number of pureXML Bootcamps coming up in the next while in McLean, Virginia and Manhattan, NY. We keep the latest details on upcoming bootcamps on the pureXML wiki.

I participated in a couple of bootcamps last week - one was two days and the other was an abbreviated half-day session. Feedback from the customers that attended was very positive. Its was an enjoyable time for myself - as there were many questions and the days were quite interactive.

A few new resources have become available recently to help with working with XML and pureXML:

  • I have a new article up on developerWorks. This article is meant to serve as a quick reference/cheat sheet as you get up and running in writing queries for DB2 pureXML. It provides coverage of working with XQuery and SQL/XML.
  • Not too long ago - the WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for XML was released. Some articles and supporting materials to check out include an article on developerWorks as well as a RedPaper that is under development.

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