Monday, September 20, 2010

pureXML exercise on SOA Sandbox

If you'd like to gain some hands-on experience with the pureXML capabilities of DB2, I'd like to invite you to try the exercise that we've deployed to the SOA Sandbox cloud-based environment at developerWorks. This environment provides free access to DB2, Optim Development Studio and instructions for an exercise introducing you to querying XML data.

To work in the environment, you will need to download a small Citrix client. Once installed you'll have access to a pre-configured environment. So no need to download, install, or configure the database or associated tooling. Once signed up, you will be given 4 hours of access to the environment. There is no fee associated with the exercise or working in the Sandbox. If you would like additional time, you can work with your sales team to arrange for up to 30 days of access.

The exercise is a straight-forward introduction to working with XML data and querying via XPath and XQuery. Typically should take about 30 minutes to complete


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